Darrington's workforce is currently driven primarily by a local wood-products mill, the local public school district, the US Forest Service and other small businesses. For a complete listing of Darrington businesses, please visit the directory.

Darrington has several internet providers, including high-speed wireless internet from, DSL from Frontier, and 2-way high-speed satellite internet service via DirecWay. Our newly renovated public schools have some of the most modern computer labs in the state.

Local Businesses
Darrington offers several small restaurants, a hardware store, a motel (phone: 360-436-1776), an outdoor supply store, a grocery store, and a couple of auto-repair shops.

We also have a clinic, a pharmacy, several real-estate agents, a wood-products mill, public library, a fire department, a wood/truss manufacturer, a gift shop (with handmade furniture), an antique store, a community bank and a national bank, gas station, public school district, a video-rental store, a chiropractor, hair-stylist, several wood-products firms (specialized lumber products) a dentist's office, and numerous artisans and craftsmen.

In addition, the town sports a small airport, a helicopter service, an archery range several rafting guides and a whole bunch of really great people.

Each summer the town hosts the world-renowned Darrington Bluegrass Festival, the Classic Rock Festival, an annual archery competition, a Wildflower Festival, and many other family-oriented activities and events.